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Our fleet consists of floating units for a fast and mobile application, therefore most devices can be transported easily and cost-effectively.


Length 48.54 m

Width 7.68 m

Draught 1.25 m

Engine power 265 kW


Brötje is a barge which can carry a 30 t hydraulic excavator with caterpillars. There are three oil hydraulic operated stakes for water depths up to 12 m. The boat can only be transferred by water.


Length 6.0 m

Width 2.0 m

Draught 0.5 m

Engine power 29.5 kW


Lut1 is a flatboat für survey drives and diving operations. It is made from aluminium to make sure the material does not affect the survey. A frame for a geomagnetic 5-channel measuring apparatus is installed on the bow. A lifting crane which is used for the salvage can be mounted on the stern. The boat is transported via boat trailer and can be lowered into the water on regular slipways.


Length 20.51 m

Width 7.15 m

Hight 1.52 m


Lut3 is a pontoon with a carrying capacity of up to 90 t. It is equipped with four struts and uses waterjet propulsion.


Length 6.1 m

Width 3.05 m

Hight 1.52 m


Combifloat consists of coupled pontoons for up to 6 m water depth. The pontoons can be assembled to build arbitrarily large floating units.